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New Delhi: In a communication received from the University Grants Commission (UGC), the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the Distance Education Council (DEC). Readmore...
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The students with learning disabilities are impulsive, awkward and hyperkinetic. At times they may be learning disableddisinterested in academic tasks. They often have serious difficulties with attention, concentration, remembrance, coordination, distinction, organization etc. They get confused and puzzled in distinguishing right from left related to numbers and alphabets. IQ wise they are average to above average. They tend to move their eyes excessively in odd ways. It may also happen that they may not receive and follow oral instructions or tend to forget given instructions, and get distracted easily because of heavy sound and noise.

Quite often they suffer from the inadequacy of learning the knowledge confidently and independently. They are the product of the dysfunction of psychological processes. There is no academic module designed to shelter this type of behavior. Their failure to display and live up to parental expectation is due to the factor of frustration resulting from an inability to perform classroom work or homework. The reaction of a few hostile and disruptive children with learning disability demoralizes even the competent teachers.

It is observed that children with learning disabilities have impairments in the visual, auditory or psychomotor domain. Their writing script is unacceptably distorted or crooked, large or small and pushed into one side of the page. This may, of course, be due to neurological problems that do not agree with the symptoms of retardation and emotional disturbances. Their academic deficiency is clearly seen by the language master who will notice the limited vocabulary and disjointed writing.



Children should be seen and not heard.

- English proverb