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A focus on humanizing education


New Delhi: In a communication received from the University Grants Commission (UGC), the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the Distance Education Council (DEC). Readmore...
The Teacher as a Mediator PDF Print E-mail

As a Mediator, the teacher lays the platform for the teaching-learning process. Mediation means interposing. The teacher interposes something within the environment with which child interacts. The problem for the teacher is to make appropriate stimuli available for the child's interaction and to help the child select and organize these stimuli in ways that develop his thought processes.

The teacher helps children see realistic purposes for school activities in relationship to their own needs and goals; therefore he :

  • helps children discover; Exposes children to many potentially interesting facets of the world.

  • arranges a physical environment, which provoke curiosity; encourages children to follow up on the interests stimulated by the environment.

  • elicits from children what they want to find out.

  • helps children define complex problems.

  • places children in active, creative roles of explorers, hunters, inquirers, designers, performers, etc. 

  • providers ample scope for individuals to test their learnings in new and odd situations. 

  • selects content from basic human activities and makes these activities vivid and exciting.
  • provides best models for the performance of skills.

  • uses the children's background of experiences and provides a rich variety of new experiences.

  • involves children in multi-sensory experiences that are natural to them.

  • asks open-ended questions designed to elicit divergent thinking.



Teacher and God, both are standing before me, to whom should I pay respects? I bow to my teacher, who guided me to God.